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Listen to Rain's Lullaby


April 11th, 2019

February 23rd, 2016

Fest Art and Drabble submissions @ 12:38 pm

So it's been almost one year since I posting something here huh.. Hello to you f-list, hope you all doing okay <3

I'm busy with my new job, it's game storywriter. I love playing game and I love writing, especially dialogues. It's taking my time though xD

Well I want to promoted my submission for Smoochfest and bottom-draco fest (Harry Potter fandom) from 2014 to 2015. This year no smoochfest but I'm still lurking around the communities to find intriguing prompts.

Maybe I'll join this year HD Erised or hd-owlpost if I'm not busy or join Miragen Big Bang for some Aokise fic.

Anyone who wants to see my art and drabbles can find it here :
sakurahimecoolblue Ao3
Uncreative name lol, I want to change it xDD

April 21st, 2015

Busy in RL @ 02:01 pm


Been a while since I post something here. Busy in RL like other people here too ;)
Practicing SAI before better late than never at all.
Had graduation last March and now searching for job -_-""
Finally I'm in this step. Still lurking in fandom though I can't let it go lol
Participating in one of famous HD fest this year, hope the prompter will like it

November 1st, 2014

Dear Marionette @ 04:16 am


One of my favorite Scanlation Group is back~~~~ So Happy
A very wonderful Halloween treat <3

open 10

September 12th, 2014

Just a Quick Chat @ 04:37 pm

Hello friends how do you do? It's been a while since I updated my journal
I've been in Holiday in West Europe with my family. Though we're not visit England *sobs*, it's still a nice rehab from my thesis.
Now I'm back, trying to finish my thesis (#feelingill) and catch up with lot of things. Fanfic, fandom, lots of anime episodes, like Free (omg my MakoHaru what the hell KyoAni?), and HD-Owlpost already closed..well maybe next year :/
And found this nice news, http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/j-k-rowling-says-sexuality-non-issue-for-wizards-in-harry-potter-hufflepuff-praise-98735/
Wooooo~~~ So in HP Fanfic now, there'll be no issues with HD being gay anymore okay? No gay bashing or something like that

And this one, http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/j-k-rowling-reveals-her-own-patronus-shows-love-to-potterheads-98741/
Woopeee! Finally my own patronus! It'll out in OotP chapter, maybe in DA chapter where Harry teaches Patronus. I must catch up, still in GoF lol

By the way Italian man is so hot, and they flirt with me even winks at me! Never happen in my country lol, maybe I'm their type or something :p
And I meet this two beautiful swans at Luzern. I named them Sherlock and John because Sherlock is such a smug and the most narcisstic swan I ever met, and John is the only swan can follow Sherlock, other swans and ducks get Sherlock's wrath when they tried following him
So funny xDDD

March 17th, 2014

Stop SOPA Petition @ 07:22 pm

Guys help me promote and sign this petition please!
Stop SOPA. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA.


I can't live without all mentioned above. So do you right?

March 16th, 2014

SEASON 2 ANNOUNCED!! @ 08:26 pm


It's announced here http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-03-15/durarara-gets-new-tv-anime-series
and here


once again we get to hear Shizuo say "IIIIIZZZZZAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAA!" >//////<
Now I'm going dancing and smiling and grinning around my room YAYYYY!!!!!!

March 1st, 2014

Don't even sure what the title... @ 10:58 pm

I'm already busy with my thesis and all stuff, but I just can't resist >AAA<
I'm participating in my first fest ever!
I hope I can finish it before May 1st lol~

Now..how I should draw them in this prompt hmmm
A lot of ideas but not sure how to apply it, especially coloring! I'll try my SAI.
Hope it won't dissapointing :'D

January 17th, 2014

About Fandom.... @ 07:47 pm


Well I've been swimming at a lot of fandom (fanfiction and scanlation), so I should've make a rec for my favorite story or something. But I've no idea about it. Should I ask for permission from the writer, the fest mod or what? No idea >A<
And I'm too lazy for it. It's more than 500 stories (OMG)
About doujin, I'm a member from lot of groups. Some closed or moved now (because of that silly little shit girl *give her evil eye forever*). I really appreciated what they've done until now, because because of them I can read wonderful stories in English. Not Japanese, Chinese, or Korean but English, and I really thankful for it. Even English is not my first language sheesh but It's SUPER AWESOME. No matter of what silly people think about robbing or stealing, nope, because of their kindness I can read wonderful doujinshis.

Well just this for now...Back to my real life.. (Gosh this postgraduate thesis killing me slowly) and stalking my favorite writer and fandom (lol)

October 30th, 2013

In Loki's Mood @ 07:03 pm

So today I just watched Thor the Dark World.. and totally in Loki's Crazy Fan Mode again. It's been a while XD
Right now I want MORE Loki thing. He's so absolutely interesting character, especially in this new movie. So watch it guys~~

[Spoiler Alert!]Anyone has watched it yet? What the hell happened in the ending?? Why he's on the throne? Where's Odin then?
What have you done Loki????
God, Loki sooo devious. But I really love him >A<

Loki'sCollapse )

Now I gonna sleep and dream about this movie again. OMG..This movie about Thor and Jane but I just can't shut up about Loki, because he totally steals the scene. Tom Hiddleston, thumbs up and lot of love for you!!

Listen to Rain's Lullaby