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Listen to Rain's Lullaby


October 30th, 2013

In Loki's Mood @ 07:03 pm

So today I just watched Thor the Dark World.. and totally in Loki's Crazy Fan Mode again. It's been a while XD
Right now I want MORE Loki thing. He's so absolutely interesting character, especially in this new movie. So watch it guys~~

[Spoiler Alert!]Anyone has watched it yet? What the hell happened in the ending?? Why he's on the throne? Where's Odin then?
What have you done Loki????
God, Loki sooo devious. But I really love him >A<

OMG This time I already screaming in my head

Loki Punched
This time~ So totally funny. Meeting between devious brother in law and lovely sister in law *chuckles*

Totally a long line for people who wants kill Loki.

Now I gonna sleep and dream about this movie again. OMG..This movie about Thor and Jane but I just can't shut up about Loki, because he totally steals the scene. Tom Hiddleston, thumbs up and lot of love for you!!
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Listen to Rain's Lullaby