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Listen to Rain's Lullaby


February 23rd, 2016

Fest Art and Drabble submissions @ 12:38 pm

So it's been almost one year since I posting something here huh.. Hello to you f-list, hope you all doing okay <3

I'm busy with my new job, it's game storywriter. I love playing game and I love writing, especially dialogues. It's taking my time though xD

Well I want to promoted my submission for Smoochfest and bottom-draco fest (Harry Potter fandom) from 2014 to 2015. This year no smoochfest but I'm still lurking around the communities to find intriguing prompts.

Maybe I'll join this year HD Erised or hd-owlpost if I'm not busy or join Miragen Big Bang for some Aokise fic.

Anyone who wants to see my art and drabbles can find it here :
sakurahimecoolblue Ao3
Uncreative name lol, I want to change it xDD
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Listen to Rain's Lullaby